Kaviari Launches Personal-Sized Caviar Tins For The High-End Snacker

The superrich are not content with the regular life. They need high-end goodies to add to every aspect of their life. This obsession with luxury extends to snacks as well. While the rest of us look out for chips and aerated drinks, the super wealthy snack on caviar. And to pamper its high-end clients, Kaviari has launched personal-sized tins full of this fit-for-royalty snack.

Caviar has long been a constant feature on the menus of the superrich. Kaviari’s introduction of these pocket-sized containers is an attempt to modernize this expensive snack. Kaviari’s En-K de caviar line features a range of tiny tin containers. The idea is to encourage its superrich clients to reach into their pockets or purses and take a quick bite of its scrumptious caviar. So you could be on the road, on the way to a meeting. Or waiting for your chauffeur-driven car to pick you up when the fancy strikes.

Each of these little En-K caviar tins contain 15 grams of caviar. You slide open the lid, lift out the tiny tasting spoon and treat yourself to the taste of luxury. Buyers are free to choose between two types of caviar – Osetra and Kristal. The tins are available in a range of different colors. Choose from among black, gold, silver, blue, fuchsia and apple green.

Prices for En-K de caviar tins start from 35 Euros. Buyers can purchases sets of these caviar tins as well. The pocket-sized tins are currently available online. Select department stores, gourmet food shops and concept stores are also stocking the product.

Via: Springwise

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