Inspirato Generates $17.5 Million In Funding Round For Expansion Of Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury vacation vertical is by far one of the most expansive and lucrative segment of the luxury market, largely because of a significant hike in the number of discerning travelers. Now, Inspirato, a luxury vacation rentals company that was spawned last year has reportedly grabbed a venture capital of a whopping $17.5 million, which the company plans to invest in the expansion of its luxury vacation rentals. The funding round was led by renowned venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, who is well renowned in the startup circles as the driving force behind some of the most successful companies such as the likes of, AOL and Google. This extremely fruitful round was also attended by several other seeder companies including Access Venture Partners as well as individual investor, Mark Teixera.

Inspirato is the brainchild of Brent Handler, founder and CEO of the company started Inspirato in the year 2010 and in just one year, the company has managed to gather a stellar reputation in the luxury sector. Before, Inspirato, Mr. Handler co-founded ‘Exclusive Resorts’ with his brother and a friend. Over there, he served as the company’s President from the year 2002 through 2009. Targeting the thriving club industry Exclusive Resorts catered to the aspirations of the wealthy and gathered a massive $1 billion in real estate assets, while tailoring exclusive vacation packages for its clients.

The newly acquired venture fund, will help Inspirato in enhancing its member acquisition program, invest in innovative technologies, while greatly expanding its portfolio of luxury destinations as well as luxury vacation homes.

According to Brent Handler,

“People are interested in us. There’s been a lot of receptivity to our business model.”

Via All Things Digital

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