Ivanka Design Studio Creates Classy Clutches out of Concrete & Leather

There are experiments and there are daring experiments. This one would definitely qualify as one of the most daring experiments. The credit for this experiment goes to Hungarian designer Katalin Ivanka who runs the Ivanka Design Studio. Under the most unusual experiment she has created handbags out of concrete. You can’t really believe it unless you see one. Concrete has nothing to do with feminine fashion and no one can even imagine that a delicate handbag can be created out of it. But the Ivanka Design Studio Concrete Handbags are a reality.

The concrete handbags are almost intriguing. The industrial material has been innovatively used to create fashionable accessories. The designer has experimented with textures and tendencies and metallic colors to make it as feminine as possible. This innovative handbag was first seen this September in London. The concrete bags were unveiled at TENT London as part of the Genesis Accessories Collection. The design can be called futuristic as it is difficult to visualize them as being contemporary. However, one has to appreciate the fact that despite being made of concrete and leather, the bags don’t carry a bulky or masculine appearance.

Apart from the design, the manufacturing process is also very innovative. The model initially made almost in its entirety by concrete and the leather is added to it to make it useable and convert it into a real accessory. The fusion of two opposing industries namely fashion and construction sounds most improbable but the Ivanka Design Studio Concrete Handbags have managed to achieve the impossible through a fantastic experiment.

Via: design-milk

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