Design Q Reveals James Bond Inspired Futuristic Design of Avro Business Jet

Design Q is perhaps the most popular name in the field of futuristic aircraft design. They have been appreciated consistently for their innovative concepts. They are now partnering the UK based aircraft asset manager Falko on their fifth design of Avro Business Jet. The new aircraft design has all sorts of gadgets incorporated in the aircraft as it has been inspired by James Bond. It is a lavish futuristic design that does not compromise on luxury. The gadgets in the new ABJ Q are camouflaged by covering them in the furniture. However they are accessible when needed.

There is no compromise on luxury. The seats have the most comfortable seat covers. To create the futuristic ambiance the seats have been somewhat modified but they remain as comfortable if not more. Gary Doy, one of the Directors of Design Q believes that the interiors designed for the jet challenges preconceived ideas of what constitutes luxury. The lounge at the front is very innovatively designed. A refreshment centre is embedded in the bulkheads. The back rests of all the sofas are detachable. The monitors are hidden and pop up when required.

There are controls in front that enable you to change the cabin settings. The interior has been designed around an open plan office and you notice the office environment all around. There are focus lights and flat panel lights that deliver a full daylight working environment. Reinforcing the office environment, you have computers, printers and monitors everywhere. The aircraft is also equipped with a safe system to carry valuables and important documents. The new concept design is truly futuristic yet completely feasible and useful.

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