Now Update Your Facebook Status from 35,000 Feet!

These days, people expect to have internet access everywhere. It has become some sort of a survival necessity. This feeling is magnified for executives who do not want to miss out on their work on long flights. But fret no more as Gulf Air has started live television and internet service on their A330-200 aircrafts. These flights with the help of Panasonic Global Communications and Aeromobile have incorporated all kinds of multimedia amenities for their passengers. Christened ‘Skyhub’, this latest offering from Gulf Air will make sure you don’t miss out on a single minute of work or entertainment.

This is really an incredible feat as these guys are providing high speed broadband service at heights of around 35,000 feet! That’s not all. If you aren’t some hot shot executive and just want to enjoy yourself on some excruciatingly long flight, then you can now also watch live television or surf the web, watch videos on youtube, check your Facebook, Twitter accounts.

And mind you, just because the internet is at such a faraway place does not mean the speed will be compromised. You can be sure to get speeds upto an impressive 50 Mbps! But one needs to pay an extra $16 per hour for this service. Payments can be made through credit cards or even the travel vouchers that are offered by Gulf Air. Gulf Air has always offered the best of the best when it comes to in-flight amenities be it luxurious aircraft interiors or service and this is surely a welcome addition. So the next time you are on a Gulf Air flight, you can update your status from 35,000 feet!

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