Glenlivet Bottles Two Decanters of 1940 Whiskey for Auction

Glenlivet has been distilling and blending malt whiskey commercially since the 18th century. And since then they have been respected as whiskey connoisseurs. Under their Generations label Glenlivet has prepared some of the most uniquely flavored malt whiskeys in the world. Two bottles of 1940 Glenlivet has been specially bottled to be auctioned at the FNB Whiskey Live Festival 2011 in South Africa. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Foundation of Alcohol Related Research to support their research work. It is considered the oldest whiskey in the world.

This whiskey was left to mature when the Battle of Britain at its height during the Second World War. Originally, the whiskey was aged in a First Shill Sherry Butt and later transferred into bottles. Over the years, the whiskey has acquired a rare amber color. Bout more than the color it is the aroma of the beverage that has become rich and multilayered. It has absorbed the aroma of old cocktail cabinet’s wood, fine leather, fruits, and even a shade of wax. The connoisseurs and lovers of whiskey equate it to a work of art and not a mere drink.

The packaging has been specially created for this special drink. It is not a regular bottle but a tear shaped glass decanter with a silver top which has the British Hallmark. The decanters have been handmade and blown into this unique shape. The silver cap has been later fitted to the decanter. There was an instance of a whiskey distilled in 1883 and bottled in 1931 by George & John Gordon Smith which changed many hands before being bought by Colonel George Smith, the great grandson of the founder of Glenlivet, making it the world’s expensive whiskey.

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