Catherine Martin Releases a Collection Called Our Exquisite Corpse Skulls

These are truly unusual examples of art pieces that showcase the skills and the traditional art form from Western Mexico. Our Exquisite Corpse Skulls by Catherine Martin might not suit the taste of everyone as human skull may not be accepted by everyone as artistic however skillfully beaded. These corpse skulls have been transformed into art pieces in collaboration with Huichoi people of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Western Mexico. The unique collection is the most recent release by the company and they have gone about passionately in putting it together.

The aim of this passion project it to bring to the elite circle of art lovers the traditional craftsmanship of Huichoi artisans who have a beautiful way of incorporating religious and symbolic motifs in their art work. The use of corpse skulls to present an art form may not be acceptable to some of us but the fact remains that these skulls are prime examples of a vibrant piece of craftsmanship. These one of a kind beaded skulls are bound to attract the attention of art lovers and benefit the Huichoi artisans who can hope to be commissioned for more work.

Our Exquisite Corpse Skulls by Catherine Martin is a limited edition release and will have a limited run of 16 pieces in all. Each skull in the collection features its own unique story and design. These artistically transformed skulls are available exclusively at the retail store LN-CC. The designs vary but basically the pieces are the same and have been priced at £489.00


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