Rev–>Table: An MIT-Designed Side Table That Is Built To Last

You do not usually expect MIT alumni to build table furniture. But John Kestner and David Carr have taken on the unexpected. The duo have established a startup named Supermechanical. And one of their early products is the rev–>table. This cool table with an MIT twist is designed to last a really long time.

We have seen cool designs like the Footprint Table. But the magic of the rev–>table design lies in its functionality – it can always be fixed. So even if the tabletop or one of the legs is worn out, you are not forced to throw it away. There is an aluminum plate on the tabletop that bears the codes for the respective parts. Think of this as the DNA structure of the rev–>table. The idea is that even if your rev–>table breaks or gets worn out, the parts can be easily replaced. All you have to do is email the 2D barcode or DXF files to the nearest machine shop to get the replacement parts.

The rev–>table essentially is built by computer-controlled tools. Thus, it cuts down on the human element. The tabletop is crafted out of solid wood. But the legs are not so. The legs of the rev–>table have been laser cut out of cold-rolled steel. These are then bent on automated press brakes before being powder-coated.

The rev–>table is designed to be modification-friendly. Users should be able to custom-build the original parts as well. The rev–>table is available at Curisma for $500 currently. The full retail price is $667. For furniture that is built to last, this is as good a deal as any other.


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