Hermès goes Indian with their scarf inspired Sarees

Luxury in India is a booming business with domestic sales of high-end items like jewelry and apparel reaching $2.2 billion mark. Hence, it is only obvious why fashion brands are trying to vie for the attention of the Indian elite shoppers. Hermès is one brand that has done something which other foreign brands should have done much earlier. They are entering into the manufacture of Saree- the traditional attire for most Indian women.

Their limited edition line of  Hermès sarees has been inspired by their famous scarves. Infact it is like a full circle for these saree designs as many of the Hermès scarves were inspired by Indian prints. CEO Patrick Thomas said that these sarees were like a homage to the country, which has long been admired by the company and still has a lot to offer. There are a total of 27 designs and the continuation of production would depend on the response received. Their flagship store opened in Mumbai earlier this year and this move shows that they are very serious about creating a strong foothold in the ever-growing Indian market.

Now to the pricing. It is not surprising at all, considering it is Hermès that the price tag is beyond hefty at $6,100 to $8,200. Will it be a hit? I am not too sure. The pricing I must say is a bit too steep for Indian buyers who always want their money’s worth. But if they feel that having that brand name is enough then the company might find some takers. Let us see if other foreign brands take cue from Hermès and start making sarees too.

Via: Vogue

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