Blue Star Jets, Chien Bleu, and Sit ‘n Stay Global join hands to offer the best in Luxury Pet Travel

Pet owners always find it difficult to travel with their pets and especially in comfort.  But when Blue Star Jets, Chien Bleu, and Sit ‘n Stay Global join hands to offer luxury pet travel, then you and your pet can be sure to experience a hassle free trip. Blue star Jets happens to be one of the best in the private jet brokerage business and can bring in any kind of private jet within four hours to go anywhere in the world.

Chien Bleu specializes in recommending hotels and resorts that have the highest standards and are truly welcoming to dogs. The third partner, that is Sit ‘n Stay Global provide attendants certified by the American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid and CPR programs to take care of pets on the flight. These three companies definitely boast of a very impressive track record. Started in 2001 by Ricky Sitomer and Todd Rome, Blue Star Jets has become a leader in its field and has provided over 100,000 flights to its customers till date. They offer the best prices and service.

Flight attendants for dogs seems like a strange concept, but the people at Sit ‘n Stay Global take it very seriously. They developed the first standardized Pet Safety Protocols for pets’ onboard private jets. Their attendants are trained to carry out the necessary measures in all sorts of situations be it turbulence, decompression or even evacuation on land or in water. Chien Bleu also books properties that have the highest standards. So if you have the cash, then on your next trip you can be tension free and sleep like a dog on the flight while your beloved canine can enjoy the royal treatment.

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