Presenting The World’s Most Expensive Model Car, Lamborghini Aventador For $4.70 Million

We all adore luxury and at some point of time, we even indulge in pampering ourselves in some sort of luxury or the other, be it a luxury vacation of just getting our hands on an immensely expensive watch. Now, for all you, who have a couple of million dollars lying around, waiting to be spent on something uber cool, here is something worth dipping in your near bottomless accounts. German model maker, Robert Gulpen, has now introduced the world’s most expensive model car in the form of a stunning Lamborghini Aventador supercar that carries a price tag of a whopping $4.70 million. This awe inspiring creation is about 1:8 size of the real Aventador, but the model’s price tag is about 12 times than that of the real life super car. The Lamborghini Aventador is a slated to be sent under the hammer by the end of this year and the model itself exuberates incomprehensible bling and luxury.

The Lamborghini Aventador model has been designed and developed entirely from carbon fiber and the car itself carries about 1/1000mm thin solid gold that adorns the carbon fiber cast. This one of a kind most expensive car model incurred about $2.6 million in making, while consuming 500 hours of intense and talented craftsmanship of Mr. Gulpen. This astonishing most expensive car model comes with  solid gold tire rims, while the entire interior of the vehicle glistens with solid gold and platinum. Lamborghini Aventador model is viewed by its designer as more of an art piece than a car model and this magnificent model Lamborghini has been designed as a tribute to the company. As per the designer, the model number of the vehicle represents the number of diamonds used in that particular model. For instance, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 signifies that the model car has been embedded with 700 pieces of precious stones on each seat. The Aventador model car will be up for auction in the month of December this year in either New York or Dubai, courtesy Sotheby’s.

Via Daily Mail

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