Presenting The Very First Tea Blended Cognac ‘Fine de Cognac & Tea’ From Hennessy & The Théodor

One of the most renowned and cherished liquor varieties, Cognac, has now been given a unique and unusual new companion in the form of tea as two of the biggest names in beverage and liquor industry, Hennessy and The Théodor have now joined hands to present the all new ‘Fine de Cognac & Tea’. This one of a kind concoction has been designed and prepared to provide both cognac as well as tea lovers with an expensive French cognac that is equally complemented with limited edition accessories, crafted by the legendary designer, Mathieu Lehanneur. Cognac has for a long time been one of the most exquisite liquors that has found its way into a variety of blends including fruit juices, cakes etc. and has been a foremost product in the luxury market, such as the limited edition Cognacs from Giorgio Gucci. Globally renowned cognac house, Hennessy has introduced the  Fine de Cognac & Tea edition in four different recipes such as summer cocktail recipe, winter cocktail recipe, autumn cocktail recipe and spring cocktail recipe that have been prepared in accordance with the corresponding seasons and also carry numerous health benefits.

To ensure that the all new Fine de Cognac & Tea edition exuberates a rare style and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the consumers, designer Mathieu Lehanneur has designed and developed a gorgeous tea set for the drink. This tea set that comes with the stunning drink bottle has also been given a tea diffuser. The all new marvelous and exotic cognac blend recipe can be yours for just $61, while the entire tea set, inclusive of the tea infuser and tea brewer carries a price tag of $339.

Via Cognac Expert

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