Napa Valley Estate Of Vintner Robert Mondavi Now Up For Auction At $13.9 Million

Napa Valley, one of the most renowned locations in the world, best known for its exquisite vineyards has once again come into the spotlight, especially in the realm of  luxury real estate. One of the most famous estates in Napa Valley, belonging to the legendary wine maker, Vintner Robert Mondavi, has now been put up for auction with a listed price tag of $13.9 million. The Mondavi Napa Valley Estate has now brought the prestigious and serene landscape of the wine growing region to the ones who can afford it. Located at 681 Silverado Trail Napa, California 94599, this gorgeous real estate will provide its new owners with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills as well as miles and miles of lush green vineyards.

The Mondavi Napa Valley Estate sports a luxurious two bedroom house that occupies an area of 11,500-square-feet and comes with a lavish pool in the living room that spans an awesome 50 feet. The entire estates covers a spectacular 56 acre of land, of which two acres is used specifically for harvesting grapes, one of the primary ingredients for wines. The two bedroom house on the Mondavi Estate was designed and developed in the year 1984 by the well renowned California based architect, Cliff May. The house also comes with five dedicated bathrooms, as well as a wine cellar and a retractable roof. The auction for this magnificent estates is being conducted by New York based real estate auction company Sheldon Good & Co.

Via Wall Street Journal

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