Lake District Hotel Now Brings The World’s Most Expensive Dessert For Those With A Discerning Sweet Tooth

Yes, we all love chocolates and nothing spells an appetizing dinner more than an eclectic dessert to finally appease your taste buds. Now, one of the most renowned chefs, Marc Guibert, who is also the Head Chef at the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere, U.K, has fashioned a rather remarkable delicacy that has been crowned with the title of the world’s most expensive dessert. This one of a kind dessert is essentially a chocolate pudding that has been designed in the form of a Faberge Easter egg and what makes this dessert all the more unique is the use of gold leaves and a two carat diamond. To ensure that the customers who order this insanely expensive yet delightfully appetizing dessert, get the best of taste, the chocolate pudding has also been added with Champagne caviar.

The world’s most expensive dessert is made from some of to the most exotic ingredients, including four different  types of exclusive Belgian chocolate, which in turn is complimented with orange, whiskey and peach. This unique and definitely palate pleasing delicacy is also quite wonderful to look at and exuberates a very unique and different element of style and class. This remarkable dessert has been introduced on the occasion of National Chocolate Week and carries a price tag of a staggering $34,370, while you’ll need to do a pre-booking of the dessert some three weeks in advance. The previous record of for the world’s most expensive dessert was claimed by Serendipity 3 Restaurant in New York for its $18,920, which has now been largely defeated by the stunning and delicious looking dessert.

According to the Managing Director of Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel,

“Marc has used all of his culinary talents to whip up a truly incredible concoction of chocolate, champagne and gold leaf, all topped off with a diamond. It looks spectacular, tastes incredible and has a price tag to match!”

Via The Sun

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