California Roll is a Modular Design House that Morphs into its Desert Environment

California Roll is the name given to the prefabricated house which is designed to morph and adapt to the environment around it. The concept has been developed by designer Christopher Daniel and the California Roll has been created to adapt to a desert environment. Its homogeneous exterior surface reflects the sun’s heat to keep the interiors relatively cooler. The structure is something like a snail and is held together with a carbon fiber truss frame. The door is hydraulic powered and controlled by number lock panel. The door opens in two sections with the lower section unfolding to the floor making a convenient passage to the house.

Another feature that uses state of the art technology is the modularized skylights and glass windows are placed strategically to meet the need of light for the structure. The level of transparency of the windows can be controlled electronically depending on your requirement of sunlight. There is not much of designing on the interior as open clean spaces have been left that can be separated as per requirements with curtain dividers or bookshelves.

The totally modularized design of the structure makes it easily transportable and enables a rapid assembly and disassembly on site. The latest technologies incorporated in the structure give a new twist to architectural design and enhances the mobility of living spaces. Overall, the design by Daniel which is simply a modular housing concept is sure to get off the ground as it is bound to get backers and takers. The plans are very well thought out and the feasibility and convenience of the user has been factored in at every stage.

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