Brikk Launches High End iPhone Cases and Links it to Charity

Design Company Brikk has combined the designing of accessories to charity. They have designed a collection of high end iPhone cases and linked it to distribution of free rice to the needy around the world. They are working in collaboration with some select NGO s for the good cause. They have taken up the theme of “Altruistic Precision” for the limited edition premium collection. Called the Trim series, the collection boasts of pure titanium cases for iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. The company has announced that for every Trim case sold one metric ton of rice will be distributed to those in need through select NGOs.

The benefit for the customer is that he can use the rice donation for tax deductions against the purchase of the Brikk iPhone case. The exclusive cases are available in different versions like gold, platinum, “black DLC,” and “grey stealth” finishes. The prices for different models range between $3,000 and $4,500. The cheapest case is made of raw titanium and is not finished. It is priced at $2,630. Brikk CEO Cyrus Blacksmith has announced that Brikk will launch the World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case called the Trim Couture.

This exclusive case will cost around $100,000 and will be custom made for individual customers to incorporate his preferences. The case will feature 600 pieces stunning black or white diamonds, with a total weight of six carats. The customer can specify the diamond color and sizing specifications, engraving details, and more. Brikk is also releasing another model called Trim Deluxe iPhone case next month. This case will be encrusted in laboratory-made sapphire glass and three metric tons of rice will be donated to needy nations for each of these cases sold. The cases are available at Roseark shops in Los Angeles. A global roll out has been planned.

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