A Japanese Startup offering to Create Super Realistic Replicas of your Face

There have been many science fiction novels and movies that revolve around cloning a human being. There have been actual experiments for cloning animals like sheep. The government has regulated the whole process because of the potential for misuse and abuse. Now the concept is being taken forward in a simpler form by a Japanese company called REAL-f which is offering to make super realistic replicas of your face. The copies or the replicas have become possible due to the developments in the 3D photography and printing technology.

The process of creating replicas or human faces in 3D is called the 3 Dimension Photo Forms or 3DPFs for short. The company that has mastered the new technology is offering two versions of the replica. They can replicate your face in the form of a mask or can recreate your head in the form of a mannequin. Since it is a photograph, it is a reproduction of your face or head with all the little details that makes a human being unique among billions of people on the earth.

REAL-f, the startup company that is offering this service first takes your photographs from different angles in order to record the details and contours of your face and head. The image is them imprinted on vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold. The company claims that the production process they have put in place makes sure that even details like the iris and blood vessels are replicated accurately. The face mask version of the replica will cost you $3,920 and if you want additional copies they would cost just $780. If you want the replica of your head you will have to pay $5,875 and $1,960 for additional copies.

Via: techcrunch

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