Chef Daniel Boulud Creates His And Hers Cocktail Recipe Book

Men and women have different approaches to entertaining guests. The occasions are different. The ambience is different. And most certainly, the palettes are different. But books on entertaining seldom address the divide between the genders. So Chef Daniel Boulud’s latest publication is a welcome one for it caters to men and women separately.

Chef Boulud’s new book is named “Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches For Her and For Him”. This is a two-volume book where each volume is dedicated to either men or women. Chef Boulud joined hands with expert mixologist Xavier Heritt to create this stylish cookbook that comes in a hardcover two-volume slipcase. The unique concept is sure to draw interest from various quarters.

Priced at $50, “Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches For Her and For Him” will be available in Assouline bookstores this month. The luxury book retailer is pegging the book as “a creative gift for the contemporary host and hostess.” Chef Boulud is one of the leading chefs in New York City. His restaurant Daniel is a popular stop on Manhattan’s fine dining circuit. Heritt too is famous for giving an unusual spin to his cocktails.

Chef Boulud writes, “There is an art to making a good cocktail.” His new publication should help contemporary hosts and hostesses create quite a splash at get-togethers. Each volume holds recipes for 20 cocktails and 10 amuse-bouches from Chef Boulud’s restaurant. Each volume is designed to suit the preferences of women and men respectively. The chef has used a range of interesting ingredients such as tea, spices and seasonal produce.

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