TopCar Gives The Porsche Panamera A Regal Makeover

Fans of shows like “Pimp My Ride” will love this bit of news. If you are tired of watching beaten down cars get a fantastic makeover, check out TopCar’s big plans for a brand new 550hp Porsche Panamera Turbo S. The Russian aftermarket car design specialists have gone all out to luxury car interiors of the Panamera Turbo S.

The spruced up Panamera will feature the Stingray GTR body kit. Only 25 units of the Stingray GTR body kit are being produced, ensuring that the TopCar version of the Panamera Turbo S remains a limited edition. The redesigned Panamera will feature a different hood in addition to new bumpers and door modifications. New fenders ensure a wider body overall.

Look inside and you will be blown away by the new-look auto interiors. TopCar has really gone out on a limb with respect to this Porsche project. The Stingray model may not have all out gold interiors, but it comes close. With a color palette of white, gold and red, the new Panamera is the picture of grandeur. High-quality crocodile leather has been used extensively on the interiors. Patterned leather brings an additional texture to the interiors of this luxury car. Real gold provides the detailing, and makes an especially striking picture on the door handles. Expensive Karelian birch wood brings an earthy effect to this regal vehicle.

Ordinarily, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S costs about 273,810 euros (about $372,750). However, TopCar’s modifications have swelled the price quite a bit. Buyers of the 25 exclusive redesigned Panamera’s will have to shell out $569,430 each.


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