Limited Edition Gaming Seat To Tempt Racing Enthusiasts

Gaming is serious business. Irrespective of the average age of serious gamers – though they may not all be as young as you think – gaming is not child’s play. There is big money involved; World Championships to be won; and a lot of fame, if not fortune, hanging in the balance.

So when you come across a product like the Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 4 gaming seat for racers, don’t just click your tongue at it. It may well be a luxury for you, but for gamers who spend hour after hour glued to their gaming console, this is something of a necessity, albeit a somewhat expensive one. This stylish limited edition gaming seat is a fine imitation of racing car seats. This is as close as one gets to the real thing in the virtual arena.

The high quality black synthetic leather is brought alive by red detailing and the company logo. The patented foldable racing seat is one of the selling points of the gaming seat. A black steel framework works this fully adjustable foldable seat. But there is more to tempt the serious gamer. This limited edition gaming seat features a steering wheel support that is fully adjustable, combined with a quick-release, anti-slip handle made of aluminum. There is a further treat for gamers who use Fanatec Club Sport Foot Pedal sets. The Forza Motorsport 4 offers a foot pedal plate to support the same. This too is fully adjustable.

The gaming seat is compatible with a range of gaming platforms including Nintendo Wii, X-Box, Sony Playstation and Windows. The price and number of units are not available as of now.

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