A 1925 Art Deco Smoking Set available for $83,500

There is growing awareness about the ill effects of the habit of smoking and how hazardous it is for the smoker and the people around him. However there are still a huge number of smokers around and the cigarette sales are still dangerously high. You don’t get new accessories for smoking but you do get antique pieces. There is an antique Art Deco Smoking Set on the market that could add character to your home décor. This stunning piece was made in 1925 for Blum’s Vogue which was a Chicago retailer of fashionable articles from Europe at the time.

The invaluable piece was made by Verger Freres of France and the piece is branded with the French eagle’s head which is their mark. The carefully crafted art deco set consists of an ashtray stack, a black wood tray that features agate, gold and black enamel handles and a pot has been fitted for keeping cigarettes. It is difficult to imagine that anyone will venture to create a smoking set now and that adds to the appeal of this art deco set.

Lucas Rarities has put this interesting collectible on the market with a price of £54,000 which would convert to $83,500 at current exchange rates. The dimensions of the set are neither large nor too small. It measures 24.5cm long, 12cm wide and 6.5cm high and will look perfect on your centre table. The antique set can be delivered almost anywhere in the world but the payments will be accepted only in British Pounds. For any further details you can check their site. One thing is certain that the set created using agate with coral, onyx and ruby is a rare piece.

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