Ticket for Two on the Inaugural Flight of Boeing Dreamliner Fetches $31,000 on eBay

There are practically two major aircraft manufacturers for the commercial airlines but they both have to compete fiercely and are always striving to create an improved aircraft that helps the airlines as a business. Airbus went in for the size and created A380 to make the trunk routes more profitable for the airlines. Boeing has taken a different route while developing a new airliner. In the era of high fuel prices they have made efficiency their focus while developing the ANA 787 Boeing Dreamliner. The advanced airliner is now ready for its inaugural flight.

There has been a lot of curiosity amongst travelers and frequent fliers to find more about the new Boeing. The tickets for the inaugural flight was put on eBay for auction and witnessed some fierce bidding on the last day to take the cost of the ticket up to $31,000. The ticket is for two seats in the Business Class on the inaugural ANA 787 Boeing Dreamliner flight between Narita and Hong Kong. The cost of the ticket not only includes the flight to Hong Kong and back but accommodation at the Kowloon Shangri-La hotel, in Hong Kong.

The inaugural flight is scheduled for October 26. The flight will return to Narita the following day. The Dreamliner is being projected by Boeing as one of the most efficient commercial aircraft in the sky. The proceeds from the auction of the tickets for the inaugural flight will go to Conservation International Japan, an environmental protection agency. Boeing claims that the aircraft is quite different from the current lot of aircrafts and the flying guests will have and experience that they have never experienced o commercial flights.

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