Selk’Bag is a Wearable Sleeping Bag which is Ideal for Camping in Extreme Cold

If you have to camp in some cold region of the world you require adequate protection from cold. There are sleeping bags that can keep you warm even in extreme cold conditions but the problem arises when you have to get up and get out of the bag. American army used to have a sleeping bag with arms and a hood over your head. There used to be a zip just above your knee. When you needed to get up you simply had to unzip and take your feet out of the gap, fold the lower portion of the bag and strap it to your back.

Rodrigo Alonso Schramm, a Chilean graphic designer has gone a step further and made the wearable sleeping bag into something of a sleeping suit. So with the Selk’Bag and the Musuc’Bag you can be up and about without getting exposed to the cold. These bags are more like suits than bags. The Selk’Bag even features nylon soles with anti-slip pads. It gives you complete protection from harsh cold conditions. At the end of the arms the suit has quick-release closures to allow the wearer to stick his hands out.

If you are planning to camp on some snowy peak you must get one of these bags. Their classic model is the most popular but there are other versions in the pipeline. There is one for the kids as well which comes with a front kangaroo pocket. A lighter version will be released soon that will have detachable feet so that the user can wear his or her own boots. The Selk’Bag and the Musuc’Bag is available online and at various outdoors shops. The classic model sells for $149 each. The other models are also expected to be sold around the same price point.

Via: gizmag

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