Orient-Express Introduces New Exclusive Luxury Packages For Art & Wine Enthusiasts

One of the most renowned luxury train operators, France based Orient-Express has now announced the introduction of two new exclusive luxury packages designed specifically for art lovers and wine enthusiasts. These exciting packages will be officially launched in the year 2012 and will take the travellers on six-night cruises aboard the company’s widely acclaimed Afloat in France fleet of luxury barges. These exclusive cruises have been tailored to compel the connoisseurs of art and wine explore the rich heritage of France in the field of arts and wine making, while ensuring that the guests are offered with the most opulent luxury possible. The art tours from Orient-Express will feature legendary painter, David Napp on board the fleet’s prime vessels, Napoléon and Fleur de Lys and Mr.Napp will be taking the guests on a once in a lifetime trip across various painting techniques. David will showcase his artistic talents that are inspired greatly from some of the most breathtaking landscapes, such as the Rhône Vallée and the town of Beaune.

The Napoléon vessel will play host to the ‘Picture Perfect Week’ cruise that will be composed some 12 guests and will leave Tain in the Rhône Vallée and head towards Arles in Provence. The tour will take the guests to some of the most prominent locations in France such as the Lock of Bollene, considered to be one of the largest drops in Europe and will also venture into Châteauneuf du Pape. This exquisite tour will take the travelers to Arles, where the globally renowned artist Van Gogh painted his widely acclaimed  ‘Starry Night’. The ‘Picture Perfect Week’ carries a price tag of $5,876 per person on the basis of sharing a double cabin and this incredible journey will take place on 29th July, 2012. The second exclusive tour package for the art lovers will take place on 20th May, 2012 on board the Fleur de Lys. Aptly named, ‘Artistic Impressions Week‘, this one of a kind tour will take the guests from Burgundy Canal towards Dijon, while covering breathtaking sites such as Château de Pommard and the city of Beaune. The price for this luxurious trip stands at $7,502 per person on the basis of sharing a double cabin.

For those of you, who have an affection towards exquisite wines, Orient-Express will provide you with an once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and immerse yourself in the beauty of some of the well renowned French vineyards. The company will take the guests on a ‘Wine Discovery’ cruise that will commence on 1st July 2012 and the 8th of the same month, taking aboard the Napoléon. This exclusive luxury cruise will take the guests to numerous vineyard that are located between the region of Tain L’Hermitage and Chalon-sur-Saône in the Rhône Vallée. The guests will be given insightful information in regards to various wine growing regions such as the likes of Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais and Pouilly Fuisse. This luxury trip will also feature local wine experts who will collaborate with the chef of the vessel to create delightful wine concoctions. This one of a kind wine tour will be carrying a price tag of $5,873. Orient-Express has also resurrected one of its most popular luxury tour packages called, La Semaine Des Grands Crus. This magnificent opportunity for wine connoisseurs will provide them with a once in lifetime chance of getting taste of the 33 Grand Crus of Burgundy. This exclusive trip will be hosted on board the Amaryllis barge and will commence its journey on 15th July, 2011, while carrying a price tag of $8,966.

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