Most Expensive Japanese Meal in a Lunch Box Costs $229,000

Takashimaya Restaurant in New York is celebrating its 180th anniversary and the company is planning to sell what could be the most expensive boxed meal ever to commemorate the occasion. It is not just the food inside the box that is going to make it expensive but the special lunch box that is being created with 3,300grams of gold. The gold prices have been sky high in the recent past and the spot price of that much gold is roughly $168,684 today. When you factor in the craftsmanship the lunch box with the special meal will cost $229,000.

The lunch inside the box will be a traditional Japanese meal that will consist of root vegetables, rice and meat. All this will be most likely presented in the shape various sushi rolls and sashimi. If you like Japanese meal it will be the very best you can have. The commemorative box will be released during the New Year celebrations and will be presented as a grand promotional event. This is a limited edition creation and only three such boxes will be made.

These boxes made for special customers must be ordered for by the 11th of October. In case the demand is for more than three boxes there would be a lucky draw, and the winner of that lucky draw will receive this exclusive golden lunch box. Megumi Ashizuka, a spokeswoman of the historic department store confirmed that it is certainly the most expensive ever meal sold by them. The dazzling box would measure 20 X 20 centimeters and weigh a total 3.5kgs. The meal inside the exclusive lunch box will be an assortment of dishes from several elite Japanese restaurants.

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