Corvette Speed Boat with a Designer Trailer would Cost you $1.7 Million

Marine Technology Inc.  had attracted attention of everyone with their car-boat combo, the red Catamaran boat and the coupe car duo. It established their skills as makers of high performing boats and cars. They have now introduced another high performing model called the 2012 ZR48 MTI. It is again a combo in a way as the sleek Corvette speed boat comes with a designer trailer in which you can transport the boat anywhere. The combine carries a price tag of $1.7 million. The speed boat is inspired by their earlier car design and has the futuristic technology to make its performance superior to any other boat in the range.

The powerboat is made from carbon fiber has a sleek aerodynamic design. The carbon fiber is easy to mold and it has been shaped a lot like the Corvette car. A lot of parts from the car has been used in this boat. The boat also boasts of tail lights exactly like the ones in the racing car. The carbon fiber body of the boat makes it very light for a boat of its size. And less weight means the engines can generate more speed for the boat. There are two Mercury Marine engines installed in the boat. Each of the engines generates 1,350 HP of displacement.


The boat is capable of attaining dizzying speeds and makes the ride most memorable for the six passengers it can accommodate. The boat also features an 8,000 watt music system. The sliding door on top is used for entry and exit. The door is electronically operated. The trailer that is designed to carry the boat also boasts of many amenities that makes it a house on the move. It can keep you in ultra luxurious comfort wherever you go.

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