TriBeCa Town House To Be Rented Out At $35,000

Getting a whole building on lease just for $35,000 monthly in a plush city like New York is no pie in the sky anymore, the TriBeCa town house has announced that it is expecting a rental of $35,000 per month. This many be a good news for many interested customers as it is very difficult to get a whole building on a rental basis in New York and when that happens it makes headlines just like this one. Those who are interested should rather hurry up because considering the past trends this townhouse will soon be taken up.

This opulent five floored building is a plush property and offers every modern amenity. The first floor can be used as an office as there are seven workstations already built in it. This floor was used by its previous owner, who was a lawyer, to run his law office. A lavish floor space of 4,500 square foot is distributed amongst rest of the floors. The conservatory present on the rooftop may fancy a lot of people, after all in the tiring hustle bustle of the city only places like this provide eternal solace, and not to mention, fresh air. The rentals for apartments in Manhattan are on a roll, they are constantly increasing at the rate of 25 percent every two years.

According to sources, prospective buyers are willing to stay in a rented flat for a while so that they get enough time to look for profitable property deals. The charm of The Big Apple is inescapable, you would want to belong to this city.





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