Antoine Fritsch’s T20 Is a Super-cool Bamboo Bike

The ultra-cool bike t20 is made from a sustainable material.  The ‘t20’ bamboo bike by Fritsch-Associes is a model designed by French Antoine Fritsch as a part of his research project while he was exploring changing patterns of behavior related to development of sustainability. The body is made out of bamboo; but there are other elements like steel, aluminum, rubber and cork, a small motor, is prevented from being seen below the footrest, with a cruising speed of 35 km/hr with a range of 40 km/hr. The acceleration works just like scooter. You will have to pull forward till the bike gets going there is a fusion of seat and backrest enabling comfortable ride.

Bamboo Bike ensures materially, economically and environmentally sustainable. In developing countries, bikes are in great demand as they are reliable and efficient, capable of bringing access to markets, schools and jobs. Bicycles assist to build villages their own economies. Bikes are easier to maintain than cars.

The bamboo, needed raw material easily grows in dry areas with minimum irrigation. Bamboo is a long lasting sturdy material which offers smooth ride, due to its natural vibration qualities, with the strength and flexibility it is an excellent choice for frames, as well as it doesn’t need heavy tooling.

The sturdiness of bamboo offers frames for road bikes, and cargo bikes and mountain bikes. It looks simple than pedal bike as well as Bamboo bends, you could easily ride in bumps it seems. The bamboo bike will become popular because it costs will be less than steel bike.



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