Dubai All Set To Receive Its First Alfred Dunhill Luxury Restaurant, The ‘Alfie’s Restaurant & Lounge’

One of the foremost luxury brands in the field of luxury leather goods, writing implements, lighters etc. Alfred Dunhill, has now announced that the company will soon be opening an all new luxury estabkshement in Dubai. The ‘Alfie’s Restaurant & Lounge’ is scheduled for a grand opening at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in the early days of next. This ultra-luxurious restaurant will located next to the newly opened Dunhill store and will cater to the guests who are seeking an elegant and classy place to relax and spend sometime in the lap of luxury. This marvelous restaurant in the upscale Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, will make the first of its kind in the entire Middle East, while amounting to a total of only three Alfred Dunhill restaurants across the globe. The Dunhill restaurant & lounge is slated for an opening in the month of January in 2012, adding to the one in Shanghai and the second establishment in Hong Kong.

Alfie’s Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai will provide the guests with a personalized and unique dining experience, where in this luxury restaurant will offer cocktails prepared by experts as well as a vibrant menu prepared by some of the best chefs and presented by extremely trained and proficient staff. This remarkably stunning luxury dining establishment will not only prove to be a welcome retreat for the guests, but will also add to the intense glamor to the Boulevard in Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

According to Grant Ruddiman (General Manager, Jumeirah Emirates Towers),

“This exciting dining and entertainment venue is the latest addition to the Boulevard in Jumeirah Emirates Towers, which is currently entering a new phase of its history with fine restaurants, bespoke luxury brands and high-end health, fitness and grooming services joining our existing offering. With its sophisticated atmosphere and elegant gastropub menu, Alfie’s Dubai will fit right in at the Boulevard.”


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