Typewriter Cocktail Machine: Dispenses the Drink You Type

Typewriter Cocktail Machine is an unusual device to mix cocktails has been developed by Russian named Morskoiboy. This is the first gadget built by him which is inspired by the typewriter’s principle. It has a standard querty keyboard which consists of alphabets with twenty six English letters. There is screen composed of fourteen containers which make noticeable what sort letter has been clicked.

Inside the device the beverages are stored. Each letter of the keyboard is associated with particular beverage. For example if you press letter A of the keyboard of the Typewriter Cocktail Machine apple juice will flow. If you press V you would get vodka or L-lime juice and so on. The buttons work as pumps whereas pipes take the place of wires, the functions displayed through multicoloured syrups. The top of the machine consists of a slot where bottle of water, milk or alcohol has to be screwed. There is a connector and regulator which act as on and off switch. Once the liquid enters into the machine all the 14 tubes are filled with liquid.

Each tube has the connection with each transparent segment. The side of the machine consists of regulators which regulates the flowing speed of the liquid. Pressing buttons of corresponding ingredient is injected into the display of different segments. In the back of the keyboard there are twenty six slots. A syringe is connected which goes up to bottle to take the liquid from it. When the needed letter is pressed, liquid flows into many segments displaying it. You could get the mixture which flows through tap into your glass. Have fun reading the article.



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