Scosche Unveils The All New State Of The Art ‘REALM’ Series Headphones

One of the foremost names in the field of high fidelity state of the art personal audio equipments, Scosche, has now announced the introduction of an entirely new series of headphones called, ‘REALM’. The company that has established a name for itself with its over the top car audio installation kits and Apple iDevice accessories has infused the new headphones with some of the best features that technology has to offer. These high performance headphones are being offered in a choice of white and black colors, while the company has introduced both over-ear as well as in-ear variants. The REALM series headphones are designed and developed to provide exceptional audio quality and levels, by employing cutting edge 40 mm REALM drivers along with wound copper voice coils and rare-earth neodymium magnets.

The all new Scosche REALM headphones are designed to be compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad and these gorgeous headphones have been provided with a mic and remote. The tapLINE III remote & mic enables the users to control the music on the mobile device and even make or receive calls on the smartphones. The earphones of the REALM are covered with genuine leather, while the earpieces themselves have been given viscoelastic memory foam to help them adjust to any ear size. Furthermore, the headphone come with a 6.5 ft gold plated flat audio cable and Scosche is even giving the users a PC adapter for never experienced gaming and VoIP calls. The all new magnificent Scosche REALM headphones are now available for purchase from the company website, carrying a price tag of $229.99.

Via Scosche

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