Justin Lamont and Glenn Lamont Unveil Life Space Hybrid Chairs

You will get endless inspirations in Life if you have artistic bent of mind and unique ideas which offers new directions to create designs with the immediate surroundings with which you live. Life Space Journey creates artworks customized with the focus on ordinary course of events like coffee spill on paper; an old city street etc, and also brings together the like minded creative individuals. The innovative pattern with refined sophistication LifeSpaceJourney has drawn the international and local recognition and attention of the media.

Australian designers Justin Lamont and Glenn Lamont are the founders of LifeSpaceJourney. They have teamed up with local craftsman to design hybrid chairs which look awesome are made of metal and wood. With contemporary modern workmanship hybrid chairs are smart and small. The unique 2 (or S) shaped leg gives the stability which amuses kids with its playful appearance. It has backrest with three-tone paint. Delivery of the product will be itemized separately as prices vary according to the size.

New furniture collection, called hybrid chairs with its color, shape and spirit, enhances the elegance of home. They experiment with techniques and materials to offer a range of seating. Each piece has the harmony with the entire range. People friendly designs of LifeSpaceJourney focus on the needs of people; enhance the dwelling spaces with quality materials. The manufactured items are designed teaming up with local industry. The timbers are locally originated and recycled.  LifeSpaceJourney conduct an enquiry about the shelter and its size and design, the way spaces and living places are used by the residents and also contemplate on in course of time, and how it will reflect and be redeveloped.

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