Dottling’s Grand Circle Safe Is Also A Clock, A Bar And A Music System

German safe manufacturer Dottling‘s high-security luxury safes are not merely boxes designed to protect valuables. A case in point is the company’s newest release, a limited edition product called the Grand Circle that uses ultra-fine materials like top-quality glossy lacquered wood, the finest stingray tail skin and rhodium-plated metal parts.

This one of a kind safe would stand like a trophy bearing prized valuables, inviting admiration from onlookers. The Grand Circle from Dottling is two meters high and features 52 watch winders. But there is more to this luxe safe than meets the eye. The watch winders are arranged in a circular pattern, encircling a handmade (and fully functional) Naeschke pendulum clock.

The limited pendulum clock indicates the hour, the minute and the subsidiary second as well as the date, the day of the week and the phase of the moon. Wind it once and this fine timepiece can run for four weeks at a time. The mechanical portion of the clock is ultra-luxe as well, featuring rhodanized parts, ruby bearings and an escapement featuring ruby pallets.

The Grand Circle also houses a VDS Class 2 high-security safe. This one provides protection from fire. There are eight more watch winders and jewelry drawers. And what is incredible is that Dottling has also incorporated a Spanish cedar wood humidor and a mini-bar.

It is a safe. It is a clock. It is a bar. What else? The Grand Circle is also a fine sound system. Dottling has incorporated the Elac MicroSUB 2010 into their latest safe. The Elac MicroSUB 2010 is the world’s smallest hi-fi sub-woofer. It features four amplifiers for the bass driver and a satellite loudspeaker.

Only 20 units of the Grand Circle will be available, each priced at 195,000 euros.

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