Chandelier Ceiling Shower Makes Showering A Luxurious Affair

Luxury at home is not limited to plush leather chairs and $50,000 mattresses. The superrich can introduce luxury to their bathrooms as well. Gone are the days when the bathroom was a relatively neglected area. Proving my point is the grand Architectural chandelier ceiling shower.

You would be forgiven for mistaking this beauty to be a chandelier. Look closer and you will realize that this is in fact a bathroom shower. Incredible isn’t it? Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Architectural chandelier ceiling shower forms part of “The Wanders Collection”. The collection features several options by way of designer fittings. However, the chandelier showerhead is the pick of the lot.

Time for a closer inspection. The Architectural chandelier ceiling shower may resemble a chandelier, but central section forms the showerhead. The showerhead is built of high-quality stainless steel and is designed to release water in a soft, soothing flow.

The crystal units that hang down like little icicles are no mere crystals either. The designer has fused technology with art, ensuring that each of the crystal units is a white LED light. One can only imagine the incredible appeal of showering beneath an illuminated chandelier in the evenings or at night.

The Architectural chandelier ceiling shower is designed to completely transform any bathing area. Of course, you will need a grand enough bathroom space to accommodate this luxurious shower. Given that most people do not have enormous bathrooms these days, Wanders’ luxury showerhead will have a really niche consumer base. The price tag (undisclosed as of now) will whittle down the number of interested buyers further.

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