St Austell Brewery and Healey’s Cyder Farm Unveil Limited Edition Single Malts

Cornwall brands St Austell Brewery and Healey’s Cyder Farm are known for their whiskeys and have been trying to compete with Scottish distilleries for quite some time. This time around, they have been successful in creating their first ever single malt whiskey in almost 300 years. If you like getting sloshed, you should really take a look at the limited edition Hicks & Healey Cornish Single Malt 7-year-old whiskey.

IT is also called the Hicks & Healey Cornish and is something that would make England proud. English people have long been trying to compete with the Scots to create single malts but it is only now that they were able to succeed. It has aged for 7 years and it took the distilleries at Cornwall almost 300 years to perfect the art. This is a great development in the distillery making process of England and would finally put England on the map of making whiskeys. It would be all on sale, and you might have to bid for it. The minimum bidding starts at $232 and is rather cheap.

Of course, you can expect the winner to pay a lot more than you could ever imagine and that is a lot of money if you asked me. You could also take a look at Taiwan’s Whiskey which we had written about sometime back. I just would like to insist that one should not get carried away with these drinks and get sloshed more often than not. So go ahead, and get it for yourself before it runs out.

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