Play Ping Pong and Pool on the Nottage Design Convertible Games Table

If you are the kind of person who likes to play a lot of games including ping pong and pool and were worried about how you could possibly get hold of a table that does it all, you do not have to worry anymore. The Nottage Design Convertible Games Table allows you to play ping pong and when you are tired of it, you could convert it to become a pool table.

It has been designed by the Australian based Nottage Deisgn, who have made sure that everything works out well and that those who are inclined to play video games do get to play the way they want to. I would say, it is an interesting piece of furniture that allows you to play both ping pong and pool as and when you like. The table costs $13,799 and takes almost 6 weeks to be delivered. Of course, you should place the order in time so that you get it when you need it the mostly. If you are still not convinced about the table’s goodness, you could go ahead and take a look at its pictures which are mesmerizing in nature.

The tables come in twin pack painted or black bodied choices and you could choose the one that suits your sensibilities the most. I would say, it is a great idea to go ahead and get these tables if you would like to show off your affluence to your friends. All that one needs in life is a little bit of fun, and these tables will surely provide that.







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