ITC Mughal Is the Latest Luxury Hotel Venture in India

ITC Mughal – part of ITC Luxury Hotels is known all over India as one of the most luxurious hotel providers of teh nation. They are known for their unique Indian sensibilities and also for the stress they place on the importance of cultural heritage and royal lineage.

They have now announced an exclusive wing which would feature 42 opulent rooms and suites. The most important of these would be the Khwab Mahal, which is also known as the palace of dreams. It is a tribute to the Taj Mahal, which is visited by a number of people from all over the world.

The suite features moonlit nights and traditional decor that you may not find otherwise. It also makes sure that you get all the pleasures that you deserve right where you need it the most, There are 3 presidential family suites which go by the names of Nusrat Begum, Zeenat and Farzana. This would be good for those huge Indian families that have a lot of money to spend and would rather spend it in a hotel or restaurant than buying fashion goods or taking trips alone to sinful locations. There is also the Kaya Kalp which is a famous spa in India and those who are interested in massages can get them done.

I would say, it is a great idea to visit the Khwab Mahal if you would want to experience India in a rather luxurious manner. So go ahead, and stay in this hotel to make sure that you get the best of what you want.





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