Triennale di Milano Hosts Virtual Exhibition that Projects Luxury

The virtual world gives your imagination a lot of space. And in a way it is the perfect environment to project luxury. “Options of Luxury,” at the Triennale di Milano is an interactive, digitally intense luxury exhibition that projects luxury into the digital age. It feels like stepping into a giant, tent-like version of a handbag where you see the contents of the purse float across the screen: Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, a Piaget watch, a Tod’s leather wallet and Lancôme beauty products. You can choose to see the products of your choice. You can pick and choose and mix and match.

Spread over eight rooms, the multimedia installations include 3-D figures leaping out from flat screens, as icons from a Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle to Dior’s New Look “Bar” outfit to enable you to create a “map” of luxury. Some pearls of wisdom flash on screen like “Is luxury still afraid of the Internet?” Seeing the exhibition you really feel that luxury should embrace the internet wholeheartedly. Italo Rota is the brain behind the exhibition which has been organized by Class Editorie to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Italian publishing house and paper.

The exhibition records the history of style by flashing the brand names that have contributed to the history of style from a vividly colored digital pillar. And at the same time the exhibition manages to push the definition of luxury fast forward into the digital age. The entire exhibition seems to be like a world in motion. It is by far the wackiest and the weirdest promotion for luxury brands.

Via: nytimes

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