Luxury Watchmaker Ruchonnet Tries His Hand At Yacht Design

Watchmaker Jean-Francois Ruchonnet showed that he is up for a challenge by teaming up with yacht designer and ex-racer Jean-Jacques Coste for a trimaran project. The duo talked about their collaboration at the Monaco Yacht Show earlier this week. Their yacht design project has two facets. On the one hand, it hopes to solve the berthing problems faced by large yachts. On the other, Ruchonnet and Coste are committed to creating a more livable watercraft.

Last year, Ruchonnet experienced first-hand the difficulties of a sailing superyacht. A slight wind could tilt the boat and send glasses flying. Under tha brand name of his Monaco-based luxury design company, Ultraluxum, Ruchonnet decided to address such issues. He chose catamarans and trimarans, for these are more stable and offer greater living space. Getting in and out of standard marinas remained a problem. Thus, was born the Ultraluxum CXL.

The CXL is a 148-meter three-deck sloop-rigged catamaran. It can accommodate eight guests and eight crew members on the main hull. Interestingly, however, the CXL features two lateral hulls the fold into the main hull in the center. This folding action cuts down on the 24-meter width, transforming it into a lean 11-meter-wide boat.

Ruchonnet is a highly respected name in the luxury watch industry. He has created such exquisite timepieces as the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 and the Breguet Double Tourbillon in a career spanning 27 years. However, he wanted to try something new, and turned his attention to the sailing yacht. With expert inputs from Coste, the watchmaker is busy putting together this trimaran with folding hull beams, which could cost about $35 million. Construction will begin next year.

Via: The New York Times

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