Vava II Is Being Touted As the Largest Yacht in the World

When it comes to superyachts the trend is the bigger is the better trend, outfitted with high quality fancier interiors. The impressive bigger would never go out of fashion as people want them.

The luxury yacht called Vava II is the largest in the world.  This is thirty third great sized yachts built in the U.K. costs 158 million dollars.  The yacht measures 96 meters in length  and  has been purchased by the former Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli, the first  richest women and her Swiss husband Ernesto who is ranked as eighty first richest man in the globe and the fifth richest in the United Kingdom. Mr. Bertarelli is a great admirer of yachts and has won twice the America’s Cup in yacht race.

The yacht has been built at Devonport Dockyard in two years in Plymouth, by approximately two hundred workmen. The Vava II has six decks with luxurious cabins and lavishly decorated interiors. It includes a landing pad of helicopter, four boats which could be used by passengers to shores, unheard beach club which can be fold-down, a pool with varied depth for guest likes.

The yacht has been designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon while Remi Tessier has styled the interiors and the sea trials will be conducted to find out the design of the lavishly spent boat. The massive yacht will be chartered to rich clients when it is not used by the owners. The rental cost about tens of thousands of pounds is going to set a new record in the market of superyacht next year.




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