Public Bureau’s Handcrafted Clothes Come in Limited Edition

There was a time when clothes were never manufactured on the conveyor belt. It was hand crafted and was an art that only the artisans knew, and such artisans were priceless. This history goes back to the times of Euclid and also to the times of Byzantine Empire which was based in Istanbul. Handcrafted clothes are cool, comfortable and look chic in their own way. These days however most design houses have their factories and anything that is handcrafted would eventually end up costing a lot.

If you were 2owndreing where you could go ahead and get a good grip of handcrafted clothes, you should go ahead and check out  Public Bureau‘s collection of 100% handcrafted collection. These pieces are exclusively available online and only limited number of pieces is available. Since they are handmade, each piece is available in only one [piece and if you like something you might better buy it before someone else does. The inaugural edition looks chic and is exemplified by light colors and a simple design which embodies the spirit of artisans who take time to stitch clothes in manner that is unique, comfortable and chic.I would say, you should hurry up and get it all before you miss the train. Public Bureau is a Cyprus based garment manufacturer, who designs everything by hand. You could also read about the Limited Edition T shirt which costs $50,000.





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