Nigel Gee & Yacht Island Design Create Utopia Island Yacht

The recessionary pressures and the negative to slow growth of the economies has pushed the governments to change policies and focus more on the growing population at the lower end of the society who have been affected the most by the economic downturn. However, the rich who have been largely unaffected in real terms have not given up on creating more exclusive space for themselves. And one of the ideas that is gaining popularity as a concept is of creating island nations yachts. Nigel Gee & Yacht Island Design of the UK has taken the lead and is already working on the Utopia Island yacht.

The concept of Utopia Island Yacht is of a place to be in and as an object to travel in. This is truly an out of box concept that breaks all traditions. It measures 100 meters in length and breath. It stands on four legs which are supported by azimuthing thrusters that help in balancing the imposing structure in totality. There are a total of eleven primary decks and an extra floor on the top that can be used as an observatory as it offers a 360 degree view. All the decks have space for accommodating guest but can be used for different purposes.

The top floor has an open air design and actually has an artificial beach area and a retractable canopy. At the base the central area between the legs can be used as the port for the boats and tenders. When the structure moves like a yacht it will help in cutting through the water. Lot of ideas are still being tested and experimented with. It is still not very clear as to how feasible the whole idea is but there are takers for the idea in the market who are willing to pay big bucks if the Yacht Island Design can deliver.

Via: charterworld

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