Luxe Little Books of Travel for Families Give You Tips

If you were planning to travel abroad and were planning to take your family along, you must know that most places are not family friendly. If you plan to go to a place like Phuket or Pattaya, you can expect to see a lot of lady boys and a lot of trouser hunting men and you don’t want that to happen in front of your demure wife would you? If you are a conservative family oriented person who wants to take his family for a ‘luxury trip’ abroad, you can go ahead and buy this cheap little Luxe book, which tells families how to travel in style.

The guides would focus on Asia and the Little Hong Kong guide is already available. The Little Singapore guide would be available by November 2011. They would cost $10 and is really cheap. You would be able to tell which mall or restaurant is child friendly, and where your modesty won’t be offended. If you asked my opinion, I would ask you to dump your kids and your wife/husband back at home and take a trip to Pattaya.When you visit a place like that, you can get a little dirty and hire ‘friends’ with benefits for some cash, and make sure that you get all that you never got from your spouse back at home. Now, that is what I call luxury. Not travelling with your nagging husband or wife, and a bunch of ill mannered children. You could also take a look at the Luxe City Guides about which we had written about earlier.





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