The Ministry of Design Creates a Luxury Safe for Memorabilia that you Cherish

As you grow old the list of memories that you cherish becomes longer. The objects like gifts and memorabilia that remind you of those memories start cluttering your home till one day you are fed up and dump everything in the attic. Once in the attic you can’t connect with them and they loose their charm for you. The Ministry of Design, a luxury furniture brand has developed a solution for this problem. They have designed a set of cabinets in the shape of a tower for safekeeping such items that have more of an emotional value.

This luxury safe for memories has won the best design award at the Saporiti Design Award Exhibition. It was considered to be an innovative and useful concept amongst the nine contestants for the award. The safe has six different compartments which have been made with different materials and are meant to correspond with different phase of your life. Each section when detached is an independent unit and when they are placed together on a metal frame it becomes an elegant safe. The six modular compartments are categorized as infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, judge and pantaloon.

Each section is made differently with a different finish. The infant section is made of raw pine wood. The schoolboy section is crafted from leather with monochromatic plaid printed. The lover section does look romantic as it is made from etched smoke mirror. The judge section of the safe is finished in gold where you can keep your old days memories alive. And finally the last section is the pantaloon that is crafted from petrified timber. The pricing of the safe has not been declared but it is targeted at affluent people and will cost a fortune.

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