Gray Design Brings An All New Luxury Packed Sovereign Superyacht With An On-board Limousine

Just when you thought that luxury couldn’t get more exclusive, one of the foremost design houses in the world, Gray Design, has now come out with a ultra-luxurious superyacht called, Sovereign. This one of kind lavish palace on water has been greatly inspired from the aura of luxury limousines, so much so that, the designers have even parked a limousine in a garage that is located at the seaborne tenders of the Sovereign. This magnificent luxury superyacht has been designed and developed to provide the customers with the very best of technology as well as opulent luxury. Categorized as a water cruiser, the Sovereign exuberates royalty from its design and the plethora of luxurious amenities on board the super yacht. Sovereign measures about 100 feet in length and this marvelous superyacht features eco-friendly technology that takes care of numerous onboard features, such as lighting and temperature control.

The rooftop of the Sovereign has been designed to take the shape of a large solar panel that generates enough electricity to power the various functions of the superyacht, while this incredible vessel also comes with a windmill for power storage. The Sovereign is powered by three MTU Engines that provide the sea-craft with a top speed of 30 knots. As far as on board luxuries are concerned, the Sovereign features an open-air Jacuzzi, while this astounding vessel has also been given an infinity pool that can surprisingly be converted into a re-enforced glass helipad. The Sovereign can accommodate up to 10 guests in luxurious suites, while there is a separate master suite for the owner of the superyacht. To ensure that the guests are thoroughly entertained, the Sovereign boasts of a gymnasium, nightclub, cinema and library as well as fully stocked bar.

The above mentioned limousine can be easily brought to land by using a set of on-broad cranes for a luxurious drive across a new destination. The overall weight of the Sovereign touches a mind-boggling 500,000 kg, while the price is available on request from Gray Design.

Via Gray Design

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