Online Custom Designing Of Luxury Cars Is A Growing Trend

How would you like to custom design your own Porsche? You can now literally build your dream Porsche through the online Porsche configurator. Figure out your most prized requirements for a luxury car, fit them into your original car design and order it from the Germany-based car manufacturing company.

Custom designing is not limited to Porsche, however. American firm Ford Motor Company has also bitten the bait and has a configurator of its own. In doing so, both Porsche and Ford are following in the footsteps of fellow luxury car manufacturer Bentley. The British car manufacturer came up with the idea of allowing customers to custom design their own vehicles sometime ago. On September 16, Ford followed suit, announcing that interested customers can finally try their hand at designing their own Mustang. Porsche also introduced its configurator last week, just before the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Customers using the Porsche configurator can inspect the car from all angles thanks to 3D animation. The software allows customers to change the finish and introduce new equipment. Once the custom designing is complete, customers can take an all-round view of the car, then place an order for the same.

Bentley’s Mustang configurator site can be accessed via Facebook. Users can design their dream Mustangs then put them up for vote. The configuration extends to four models – Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500. Moreover, customers do not have to place an order for their uniquely designed vehicles. The custom designed luxury cars can simply be downloaded as desktop wallpapers.

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