Dunhill London Presents The High-End Explorer Snowboard

You don’t need designer gear to frolic in the snow. But a couple of high-end snow toys certainly do not hurt, except maybe your wallet. A case in point is the new Explorer Snowboard from Dunhill London. This designer snowboard from Dunhill is sleek, sporty and great to look at. British Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s 1920s map with handwritten notes features on the underside of the aptly named Explorer Snowboard.

If you are a snowboarding fan or know someone who is, the handcrafted Explorer Snowboard is a great gift for the winter, although the $2,600 price tag could be a deterrent. The Dunhill snowboard has prestigious origins too, for it is built in Swiss workshops that craft racer boards for the snowboarding World Cup. The masculine design may catch your eye, but look closer and you will spot the professional quality of each luxury snowboard.

A great deal of thought has gone into the construction of the Explorer Snowboard. The chosen material is Poplar wood. This wood is ideal for snowboards thanks to its density and high strength-to-weight ratio. Poplar wood is also very durable and retains its shape despite flexing, a necessary quality for snowboard material.

This 1.58-meter “all mountain” board is a general use snowboard. But it features a number of luxurious touches. The steel edges are diamond disk polished. Aluminum protectors on the steel edges of the top and tail of the board make cutting through the snow that much simpler. In certain sections, carbon fiber has been used to ensure that the board remains rigid and responsive at the same time.

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