Bracketron Introduces The All New & World’s First Motorized In-Wall iPad Mount ‘iRoom iDock’

If there is one thing that sort of surpasses the immense fame and fortune gathered by Apple iPad, then it has to be the plethora of accessories designed and developed specifically for the world’s most cherished tablet. From iPad cases, iPad docks to a variety of other extremely useful products, these highly innovative iPad accessories are designed to provide the users with the means of utilizing their iPads to the fullest. Now, one of the foremost and highly revered names in the field of universal mounting solutions, Bracketron, has unveiled the all new ‘iRoom iDock’, which has been hailed as the world’s first  motorized in-wall iPad mount. This one of a kind motorized iPad provides the users with seamless integration into just about any room and this incredible is available in both portrait as well as landscape modes for the tablet. iDock essentially envelops the iPad within the casing and comes with built in power as well composite audio connections. This magnificent docking system has been introduced for both the iPad as well as Apple iPad 2. The iRoom iDock comes with a proximity sensor that controls a powered opening mechanism that opens up to dock your iPad in, while Bracketron has also provided the users with the options of deactivating the proximity sensor, in case the iPad needs to be kept docked in for extended periods of time.

The iRoom iDock from Bracketron is one of the most intelligent docking system for the tablet, as this mounting system automatically charges the iPad’s batteries when docked in and also auto-releases the tablet in case of a power disturbance. The iDock has been designed to be multi-functional, as this unique system provides the users with the ability of using their tablet as a fingerprint security device by enabling the iPad to be used alongside a fingerprint entry system. The iRoom iDock motorized in-wall iPad mount is perhaps one of the most suitable accessories for the tablet and is ideal for various environments such as hotels, hospitals, homes, yachts etc. In the landscape mode, the iRoom iDock system provides notifications on the iPad display and this astonishing docking system comes in a variety of colors including Piano Black, Opal White as well as providing the customers with the option of choosing their own choice of custom colors.

Via Bracketron

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