Shok-1 Teams Up with Bespoke Arcades, Creates the Art-cade Machine

Though effort to help Japan is very small thing being unnoticed, it impresses every day in many ways to support the cause. Currently the limited edition custom made art-cade machine has been introduced by the Bespoke Arcades collaborating with renowned, London based graphic artist Shok-1.The Art-cade machine is one of its kind. It features 350 preinstalled games with 28″ HD TFT screen, ten arcade buttons, light gun, excellent sound system, and an emulator with 1000s of games, connection of Wi-Fi, DVD writer and PS3 compatibility.

You can play any game plugging into machine with arcade stick which acts as controllers, in case you are provided with PlayStation 3.The finished Artcade machine is bullet proofed, with extremely durable plastic. Evo Media with multimedia functionality allows you to doubling up your home media centre.

Bespoke Arcades intends to donate sale proceeds for the relief work of Tsunami hit tragedy of Japan without receiving a penny from the raised money. Though it is a little late, still thousands need temporary makeshift accommodation to live in.The project will help the Red Cross which highlights the last opportunity to raise the money from families and friends for the nation. It brings joy to the videogamers in an interactive, unique form.

The machine will be displayed at Eurogamer Expo in London from 22nd to 25th of September 2011. You could get the glimpse of the machine before it becomes a private collection. Who wants to assist the great cause can buy modern art piece or make public the sale by tweeting, commenting, posting etc.. You could bid which starts at £5k.



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