The Animatronic Door Could be your Surprise Scare this Halloween

Halloween is the one time of the year when you wished you were more imaginative and could think up of something unique to scare your friends. It is a little over a month away and it will serve you well if you start figuring out a new trick now. The key is novelty and you must hit upon a new idea to be able to surprise your friends. There is something on Etsy that might interest you as a readymade innovative idea that is sure to get the screams form your friends visiting you on Halloween.

You will have to shell out $3500 for this animatronic door but this is one of the best scares you might have seen in a while. This one of a kind piece is on sale on Etsy. However the minimum asking price is $3,500. The door hides a nasty surprise inside. You may even check the video on youtube for a better idea about the effect and the impact. The effect is achieved with a 22-inch LCD monitor. A special DVD from Hi-Rez Designs plays out on the monitor on a cue. The DVD has DTMF tracks which cue the pneumatics behind the door at just the right time.

The sellers are also offering instructions and know-how for customers who want to build a similar door for themselves. The process of putting together a similar door that functions perfectly is not simple. The easier option is to get the readymade door from “999deadpatricia” on Etsy. There is yet another simpler option for those who don’t have that kind of budget for Halloween. You could always just pick up the DVD, and play that on a monitor minus the pneumatics. The impact will be less but only marginally.


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